My husband left me because our son had Leukemia

I was born in 1964, in a village called Kiasemi. I went to primary school in the same village. I used to love medicine and anything to do with hospitals but I couldn’t continue with secondary school because my father was not interested in education. He had children with four different women. From my mother, … Continue reading My husband left me because our son had Leukemia


(ReBlog) MythBusters: 25 Lies “They” Told About Women

I believe the fact that we, “women,” have been described by anyone and everyone except ourselves is also gender violence.

I considered that perhaps the best way to initiate#WomenCrushWednesdayswould be by providing some insight on the word “women.”What better way to consider the word “women”, than by identifying some of the worst lies “they’ve” told about women?

There can not be enough value placed on the significance of the personal lies we tell ourselves and where they originate from. The lies about women that people tell themselves and the world, play a paramount role in the construction of our identities as “women.”

The recent Verizon commercial, “Inspire Her Mind”, speaks powerfully to the necessity for reconstructing the ideas, words and ideologies we apply to the definition of a “woman.”

When I use “they”, it refers to anyone who has ever reinforced, perpetuated and/ or acted as an apologists for the ignorance about women.In such, “they” can be men, women, gender non- conforming, Cisgender, Transgender, human and/ or…

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